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Project Description

  • NAge Computational Platform is developed as an open-source project. It is a framework for development and run-time execution of distributed agent-based simulations and computations (applications), especially ones utilizing evolutionary paradigm.
  • NAge is a free software distributed under the terms of the GPL (General Public License Version 3). More details at License page.
  • For more details read Documentation page.

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Problems with evolutionary algorithms

Evolutionary algorithms are universal technique for general optimization, yet the selection of the proper evolutionary algorithm for the given task is an open problem. One of the reasons for that is the weakness of the theory of evolutionary algorithms: ,,We know that they work, but we do not know why'' (Back Hammel Schwefel). What is more, the model of evolution followed by most EAs (with noticeable exceptions) is much simplified and lacks many important features observed in organic evolutions. The idea of decentralised evolutionary computation, realized as an evolutionary multi-agent system may help to avoid some of the shortcomings of the model of evolutiona employed in classical EC techniques.

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